Crane Safety Now

CASE STUDY: Lifting Public Safety to Greater Heights

CraneSafety.jpgFor years, skilled professionals climbed into the cabs of construction cranes all over Pennsylvania, and operated these massive pieces of machinery with skill and safety.

Unfortunately, because of a defect in Pennsylvania law, untold numbers of completely unskilled and untrained workers were also operating construction cranes, often with tragic results.

In a state where fatal crane accidents were happening with alarming frequency, the dedicated professionals turned to Triad Strategies to help get the law changed.

Initially, some lawmakers viewed the proposed legislation as a pro-union measure since any journeyman heavy equipment operator already has completed a rigorous training process and would have the advantage should licensing be required. Triad correctly identified the issue as one of public safety – saving lives. Triad embarked on a path of legislative education on the issue, getting the bill through the House and Senate and ultimately – with bipartisan support – onto Governor Ed Rendell’s desk, where he signed it into law.

Along the way, Triad’s strategic communications shop undertook a massive effort to educate both the public and policy makers on the price of inaction. A new web site was established (, a mass e-mail campaign was launched, polling was done on the issue, and a traditional earned media campaign was conducted, including letters to the editor and press releases.

Triad government relations professionals did the footwork on “the Hill” while public relations professionals were doing the grassroots work necessary to build a critical mass behind the issue.

The final votes for the Crane Operators Licensure Act (Act 100 of 2008) were 50-0 in the Senate and 181-19 in the House on Concurrence with Senate Amendments. The results speak for themselves.