Dog Law

CASE STUDY: Scientific Strategy is Client’s Best Friend

DogLaw.jpgA statewide association representing veterinarians was concerned when animal rights activists appeared to be hijacking a bill aimed at regulating puppy mills.

While the veterinary community was all for protecting the health and welfare of dogs, its members were worried that emotion, rather than science, was becoming the basis for many provisions in the bill.

The activists, in an attempt to shut down commercial dog breeders and kennels, waged an intense, emotional crusade to include certain provisions that would make compliance impossible. Instead of protecting dogs, the bill actually could have endangered their health and welfare.

Over a six-month period, Triad worked with the client to arrange one-on-one visits with lawmakers, legislative staff and members of the Administration. The association offered testimony to legislative committees and became a valued resource to legislators and staff.

As the legislative session wound down, the veterinarians and animal welfare advocates were able to find common ground on the vast majority of the bill’s provisions. In a joint radio talk-show appearance, with electronic news releases and communiqués to legislators, Triad helped to create an environment that was conducive to passing the bill into law, and Pennsylvania now has one of the country’s strongest statutes protecting dogs.