Transportation Funding

CASE STUDY: Solving the Pennsylvania Highway Funding Crisis

Transportation_Funding.jpgAfter a nearly eight year effort of mustering support for a transportation funding solution, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a bipartisan, multimodal measure to increase transportation funding by $2.3 billion per year.

Associated Pennsylvania Constructors, a statewide association representing the highway construction industry, saw the funding crisis coming long before the bridge collapsed onto Interstate 70 in Washington County in 2005 – a   precursor to the Minneapolis tragedy nearly two years later.  Drumming up public support when most Americans already feel over-taxed and most policymakers fear that raising taxes or user fees will result in voter backlash is, to say the least, a challenge.

But the client kept its focus and made steady progress, both in terms of the public’s awareness and attitudes, and the willingness of lawmakers to address the issue.  The communication and outreach efforts included:

Despite the public policy victory, the coalition’s work is not complete.  It immediately turned its attention toward the federal level, where Congress is working on a new rationing formula for distributing transportation funding to the states.

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