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What is public affairs?

Public_Affairs.jpgPublic affairs is a combination of government relations, communications and issues management services used affect public policy. Within those disciplines, public affairs can include grassroots organization, social media, lobbying, handling media relations and the management of political action committees.

Traditional PR represents a large part of public affairs as far as the direct communication with the public and the reputation of a brand or company. Its primary focus is media relations and how an organizations interests are reflected to the general population. However, public affairs goes a step further in its relationship with the policy process and its affiliation with legislative and regulatory affairs.

Like a lobbyist, a public affairs practitioner may be employed directly by a company, or contracted to represent a company’s interests. They operate in a myriad of functions including the tracking of legislative proposals, developing messaging, conducting research of public opinion, participating in trade organizations and leading project teams or task forces.

Here at Triad Strategies, our skilled public affairs team specializes in lobbying, appropriations, procurement, PAC management, legislative analysis, issue monitoring, crisis communication, media coaching, coalition building and social media. That last discipline is becoming increasingly important in a media environment where printed news is often a second-day story. A social media presence and a strategy to enhance that presence are indispensable in today’s public affairs.

Triad combines the media skills required of public affairs professionals with the extensive experience and connections in policy making, in the continually evolving world of public affairs, to better serve our clients.



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