Crisis Communications

Crisis_Communications.jpgThe best run companies in the world cannot account for every employee’s actions. Just thinking about the possibilities can give a CEO nightmares.  In today’s 24/7 news cycle, the availability of social media technologies makes proper and timely crisis communications even more necessary.  At Triad, we provide effective crisis communication strategies that address your company’s key stakeholders, restore public confidence, and quiet investor unease.

We get to the root of the problem, identify your key audiences, determine your goals, and craft an effective strategy that, if not achieving total success, certainly helps to limit the exposure and damage caused by a crisis.


Triad has a nationally recognized crisis communications practice

SKP_1781a-bw.jpgAt its most basic level, a crisis is any event that affects, or could affect, an organization’s ability to carry out its mission. Whether the event is real or imagined, an act of nature or human-induced, within your realm of responsibility or entirely beyond your control, the way you handle it could destroy you, or it could enable you to fight another day.

Triad Strategies crisis communications practice has assembled an uncommon group of senior-level strategic communications practitioners with significant experience – and success – in crisis communications.  Our crisis experience includes nuclear plant accidents, campus riots, environmental spills, chemical plant explosions, mergers and acquisitions, labor actions, food recalls, industrial accidents and bankruptcy.


Triad offers the following crisis communications services:

Crisis preparedness. For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether, but when a crisis will occur. Developing a plan for handling crises and training key personnel to that plan will greatly enhance any organization’s ability to withstand a crisis.

Vulnerability audits. According to Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. A vulnerability audit can identify what those things are and enable an organization to avert or at least mitigate many possible crises.

Strategic counsel during a crisis. Once a crisis starts, most organizations need help sorting through a multitude of issues – identifying the key audiences, developing the key messages and selecting the avenues for delivering those messages.

Spokesperson training. Delivering messages effectively through the glare of TV lights or in front of concerned stakeholders requires training and practice. Our clients have acquitted themselves in high-stakes venues, including the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20, and other national media feeding frenzies.

Hands-on media relations. Organizations without media relations capabilities in-house often enlist us to deal directly with the news media on their behalf. Triad provides 24/7 media relations services as required.

Post-crisis analysis. How can you do it better next time?

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